The Grab Button Builder

Create an HTML grab button for your blog's sidebar, without writing any code!

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grab button for The Grab Button Builder
<div class="the-grab-button-builder-button" style="width: 210px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> <img src="" alt="The Grab Button Builder" width="210" height="139" /> </a> </div>

This button builder will give you the same modern HTML grab button you'd get if you used my tutorial on Code it Pretty. The button works on Blogger,,, and Typepad blogs.

Before you get started, upload your button image to your favorite image host and copy the image's direct URL. Not sure how to get your image URL? Open the image host tutorial for detailed instructions.

Click on your image host to see where you can find your image URL.


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Please enter an image width.

Please enter an image height.

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Code Box Options

You can use hex color codes or CSS color names to set your colors.

Scroll down for your button preview and code.


Your button preview will appear here.


Your grab button code will appear here.

Copy this code and paste it into:
  • Blogger: a new HTML/JavaScript gadget.
  • Wordpress: a new Text widget.
  • Typepad: a new "Embed Your Own HTML" module.